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About Fairmount Photography

Fairmount Photography is a full-service, boutique studio dedicated to delivering a personal and exclusive experience to you before, during, and after your wedding.

When you hire us, you get us — Matt and Theresa. We'll be there for you from the first meeting until the final album. We can do that because we don't try to book every wedding that comes our way. We'd rather limit the quantity of weddings we do each year and really focus on the quality of your memories.

Since founding the company over 10 years ago, we have photographed close to 200 weddings — traveling the country to do so — and have really honed in on what makes us different. 

  • First, we love the people we work with. I know that sounds like something anyone would say but it is true. I never was interested in showing up to a wedding as 'the photographer'. I truly get all warm and fuzzy inside when I walk in and the bride or someone says 'hey Matt!'. That's really awesome to me. I'll be your lead photographer, you won't be hiring some faceless company that will send whoever is available. 
  • Second, we love to collaborate! Sure I have things that I love to do but I also really enjoy the challenge of making something that WE love together. If you have an idea, let's figure it out! I encourage brides to collect ideas (Pinterest can be a great thing!) and share them with me beforehand. This is about making images we both love!
  • Finally, we know it can be stressful. Everyone knows (or should at least) how stressful wedding planning can be. We do our best to help ease that stress weeks before the wedding by building out a timeline and organizing all the portraits before we get there. We know where we are going and when we are going to be there. You never should be guessing on the day of your wedding what you're doing next. That said, we are completely flexible should things go awry the day of the wedding. We can roll with the punches!

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